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2. Which Council or Network Select Committee are you interested in volunteering for? (Select One)

* Motorsports Manufacturers only.
*** Must be younger than 40 years old.

3. Please provide a history of your professional background and education (including professional development). Describe the specifics of your current job responsibilities: (1800 characters max)

4. With what other organizations have you volunteered your time? Please be specific about other boards, non­profits or volunteer groups on which you have served or are currently serving (Leave blank if "none").

5. What would you say is/are your most notable achievement(s) to this point in your career? What are you most proud of? (1800 characters max)

6. Please select the top three (3) categories listed below that best reflect your strongest skillsets and/or areas of expertise.

7. Please select the top two (2) categories listed below that best reflect your industry­ related personal passions.

8. What business or life experience do you have that prepares you to help shape the direction of the industry? (1800 characters max)

9. Please provide one professional reference.

10. I agree that, should I be asked to perform volunteer duties for SEMA, I can commit to spend between one and five (or more) hours per month, often during normal business hours, to complete a particular obligation.

For questions about the form or the nomination process, please contact to Gabrielle Gonzalez at 909-345-0856 or gabrielleg@sema.org.